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O JaME teve a oportunidade de entrevistar a boyband da Johnny's, #TravisJapan após o lançamento de seu segundo single, #MovingPieces. Obrigado queridos fãs ao redor do mundo! 🗞️ブラジルにも #WorldwideTJ…
Teraz napisane po polsku! JaME miało okazję porozmawiać z boysbandem Johnny's #TravisJapan niedługo po wydaniu drugiego singla grupy, #MovingPieces 🗞️ポーランドにも #WorldwideTJ…
"Haluamme tulla maailmankuuluiksi. Toivomme että niin käy, mutta meidän on vielä vähän kypsyttävä. On treenattava lisää – ja sen me teemme." 🧡Kaito #Machu (like "Machu Picchu") Matsukura #TravisJapan フィンランドにも #WorldwideTJ…
A very happy birthday (May 1) to Keiichiro Koyama (@k_koyama_j) of #NEWS!💜 #小山慶一郎誕生祭2023 #HBDKeiichiroKoyama2023
Shion Kotai (R) and Masato Takemura (L) of the #JohnnysJuniors in a new stage adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic #TheThreeMusketeers! Said Kotai, "We may be inexperienced, but we'll use 200% of our efforts to carry the show properly in the lead roles!" #JohnnysUpClose
Official event supporter Shunsuke Kazama and everyone's favorite magic mouse open the @Disney Animation Immersive Experience! "It's like nothing I've ever seen! I really felt like I had stepped into a Disney movie." #JohnnysUpClose Photo © 2023 Disney
#TravisJapan's 2nd Single #MovingPieces 🧩Produced by Poo Bear 🧩Choreographed by Travis Payne Streaming Worldwide May 15th! 💜ALSO💜 1st EP Coming June 5th! #WorldwideTJ 🐯Follow them on Instagram for more!…
«Prima dell’audizione, Sota mi è sembrato onestamente troppo cool, come se fosse quasi troppo irrealistico. Ma man mano che la storia procedeva, mi sono reso conto che Sota era solo un ragazzo normale come me.» 🖤Hokuto Matsumura #SixTONES…
Jesse of #SixTONES strikes a dramatic pose to greet fans at the opening of his new movie #TokyoMER! "There are so many serious and dramatic scenes in this movie; that's why I have to lighten the mood whenever I can!" #JohnnysUpClose
For the first time in 25 years, a new original album from @20thCentury_SIN! #二十世紀FORTHEPEOPLE (TONISEN) Coming June 14th 🎵Catch up on their latest single here!
Actor Junichi Okada, attending the premiere of his newest movie #HardDays! "Seeing the finished version was extremely satisfying. The other cast and I all felt like we had completed a game's boss battle with a satisfying critical hit!" #最後まで行く #JohnnysUpClose
Enjoy #KinKiKids' YouTube Original Live part 28, featuring their 1998 double A-side 4th single "Ao no Jidai" - the theme song to member Tsuyoshi Domoto's starring drama of the same name! 🎵Stream it here! #青の時代 #YourJohnnysMusic
Kento Nakajima of #SexyZone joins the cast of the upcoming legal dramedy "Shikkou!! ~Inu to Watashi to Shikkoukan!" Coming in July, Nakajima plays Yusuke Kurihashi, the reliable yet lovelorn clerk of a bailiff's office. #シッコウ!!
From their LIVE TOUR 2022 "ONGAKU" comes #NEWS' electrifying concert performance of #JUNK, now available on YouTube! 🎵Stream it here! #NEWS20th #NEWSLIVETOUR2022音楽 #YourJohnnysMusic Follow @NEWS0915_music for more!
A very happy birthday (April 27) to Rion Ouchi of #AmBitious!💙 #大内リオン誕生祭2023 #HBDRionOuchi2023
Mizuki Inoue of #HiHiJets, following the press premiere of his film "Otonanajimi," based on the manga by Aya Nakahara! "I'm really happy for my first starring movie role, and I can't wait to hear what people think about it!" #JohnnysUpClose
Kento Nagao of #NaniwaDanshi with the poster for his upcoming movie "Rohan au Louvre," a live-action adaptation of Hirohiko Araki's original manga! "I felt honored to be involved. It's definitely a strange story, but that makes it really memorable!" #JohnnysUpClose
#NaniwaDanshi's Debut Tour 2022 #1stLove - OUT NOW on BD/DVD! 🎵Click below for a sample performance! #YourJohnnysMusic Follow @NaniwaDanshi_JS for more!
Spreading smiles with its peaceful band sound full of love, #JohnnysWEST's 20th single "Shiawase no Hana" is now available on YouTube! 🎵Stream it here! #しあわせの花 #YourJohnnysMusic Follow @WEareWEST7 for more!
The official music video for #KinKiKids' 2016 37th Single "Michi wa Tezukara Yume no Hana" is now available on YouTube! 🎵Stream it here! #道は手ずから夢の花 #YourJohnnysMusic
คุณคิดยังไงกับ “การเดบิวต์แบบเน้นสื่อดิจิทัล” แบบนี้ครับ? 'เราแฮปปี้ดีครับ เพราะสามารถเข้าถึงแฟน ๆ ได้จากทั่วโลกเลย ถือเป็นโอกาสที่ดีมาก ๆ และเรารู้สึกเป็นเกียรติจริง ๆ ที่ได้รับโอกาสนั้นครับ' By #จากะ❤️ #TravisJapan #WorldwideTJ 🗞️อ่านเพิ่มเติม!……
Shota Totsuka of @abcz_official with Yudai Tatsumi of #4U. following the preview performance of their musical #BACKBEAT! Said Totsuka, "During rehearsal, I realized how much I've challenged myself. I feel a sense of dread, but excitement too!" #JohnnysUpClose
Ryuto Sakuma of #HiHiJets, excited for the opening of his new thriller movie #Village! "I think my character is a very pure child. I thought it would be nice if that innocent feeling came out as it was." #JohnnysUpClose
Ren Nagase of @kingandprince_j at a press viewing for his new drama "The Last Man: The Blind Profiler!" Talking behind-the-scenes, "The other members of the cast love to share their impersonations of me. I've tried to do them as well, but they're better!" #JohnnysUpClose
Actor Ryuta Muro with the door curtain gifted by You Yokoyama and Tadayoshi Ohkura of #Kanjani∞ for the opening of his new comic play "Kakine no Majo!" "My lines in this show are particularly long, but I never turn down a chance to be back on stage!" #JohnnysUpClose